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Technically secure and audited

The BPGT token is developed according to the ERC1400 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. This provides the most secure and flexible technical infrastructure for our investors while supporting our business model and the easy payouts of dividends. The token has successfully passed its technical audit


Fully compliant with regulations

The BPGT token is fully regulated by the SEC and the state of Wyoming, which is one of the most advanced states in the US when it comes to blockchain-enabled concepts currently.


Solid price floor and regular dividends

BPGT token holders get access to a secure and regulated token that yields them transparent dividends every year. The token can be sold at any time on any of the exchanges its listed on, providing high degree of liquidity.

BPGT is superior to traditional investment methods like real estate funds due to the transparency offered by blockchain technology.


The best alternative to traditional real estate investment methods

Traditional options like real estate funds offer a low degree of transparency - the investors have to trust the fund manager to manage their money in their interest and pay out the

Blockchain Property Gate utilizes blockchain transactions, allowing for fully tamper-proof and transparent transactions related to the dividend payouts. As a SEC-registered company, we are also legally obliged to publish our financial report regularly, based on which our token holds can always see that we have paid out the dividends they are due.


Bringing real estate tokens to a whole new level

Few projects on the real estate cryptocurrency market today offer the prospect of additional passive income through profit share rights. The majority are simply relying on the price increase of properties dictated by the market. This, however, can endanger investors during market crashes and limits the potential profit they can make.

Blockchain Property Gate utilizes its longstanding experience on the real estate market to offer the additional prospect of income derived from the strategic management of real estate assets - not only their natural price increase.


Read our Whitepaper and One Pager to learn more about our mission and offering.


Read our Whitepaper and One Pager to learn more about our mission and offering.


How it works for investors


Acquire the token

You can acquire the BPGT token through our secure investor dashboard in a couple of minutes. There are no minimum purchase requirements or any other limitations.



Hold the token, which is supported by the real estate assets we acquire, thus providing a solid price floor. In the meantime, the value of the assets increases, and so does the token floor. We also generate profit through our business model of acquisition, renovation, renting out and reselling.


Get dividends

At the end of each financial year you are automatically paid out dividends amounting to 30% of our net profit from rental income and the sale of renovated properties.

Token sale


Token name

Ethereum ERC1400

Token type





148.705.100 BPGT

Initial supply

104.093.570 BPGT

Total for sale


STO price (main sale)

100.000.000 €

Hard cap

Private sale 01.08.2024 - 30.09.2024
  • 27.777.780 BPGT Amount
  • 0,90 EUR Price
  • 10% Bonus
Pre-sale 01.10.2024 - 30.11.2024
  • 26.315.790 BPGT Amount
  • 0,95 EUR Price
  • 5% Bonus
Main sale 01.12.2024 - 31.01.2025

Token distribution

  • Crowdsale 70%
  • Team 20%
  • Liquidity 10%

Funds distribution

  • Property acquisition and operational expenses 65%
  • Real estate company acquisition 25%
  • Legal costs 10%



Manfred Frank


Georg Kaniwez


Bogdan Zisch


Advisory board

Dimitri Haußmann

Blockchain advisor

Martin Slavchev

Strategy advisor

Syed Rizvi

Legal advisor

Frequently asked questions

How does Blockchain Property Gate generate revenue?

Blockchain Property Gate introduces a unique circular economy for the real estate sector focused on selection, acquisition, renovation and renting out or reselling of existing properties.

We first select undervalued properties, which are then acquired and rented out and / or renovated and sold. This process allows us to generate recurring income through rents, as well as additional revenue from both the price appreciation of the asset and the value increase through our renovation. This is how we generate our revenue, 30% of which is then distributed among investors.

How does Blockchain Property Gate solve the issue with affordable housing exactly?

Through our cost-efficient renovation methodology and our business model, we provide the conditions to reduce real estate prices and rents by up to 30% compared to the current market average. This allows us to fit within the definition of affordable housing based on its current definition, starting with the German market.

How does the project select properties? Why are the selected properties under the average market value?

The properties we select are mostly buildings that have been constructed in the 1980s. These buildings have solid foundations, quality building materials and excellent architecture, making them good candidates for renovation. Because some of them have to be renovated in order to be made into a habitable state, their market price is considerably lower than most other buildings. Thanks to our innovative inside-out approach in renovation, we can then transform them into high quality residential buildings with costs far lower than the market value they would gain.

How does the project renovate properties and what is the expected gain of value from this process?

Normally, redevelopment and renovation usually starts from the outside walls, which means long permitting processes. The properties we are targeting have been constructed with thick walls and can be renovated from the inside out due to their resilient structure. This greatly reduces our development and legal costs, shortens the project completion timeframes and allows us to maximize our revenues in a timely manner.

A unique feature of the operational model of the Blockchain Property Gate project will be the flexible, modular approach in the property renovation procedure. We will renovate the buildings we acquire in such a way that the internal walls could be changed allowing the rooms to be quickly and easily adjusted based on the specific preferences of the buyers and the tenants. The added level of flexibility allows us to quickly adjust the property so that it can be resold or rented out in shorter time frames, improving our turnover.

Furthermore, the properties will be renovated in line with the utmost degree of environmental efficiency in terms of the materials used, as well as the energy efficiency coefficient (EE). Future legislation in Germany will put more weight and importance on these factors. Moreover, the rising energy prices encourage an increasing incentive to pursue energy decentralization and independence of separate housing complexes. With the introduction of new concepts such as microgrids and the advancements in renewable energy technologies, we are planning on positioning our real estate projects as a staple in the industry when it comes to autarky.

What are the investor rewards exactly?

BPGT token holders get access to a token that not only represents real estate assets, but also gives them the right of dividends amounting to 30% of our net profit. This means that while you invest in properties with the token, you are also getting passive income at the end of every year derived from our operational model. This provides more potential ROI compared to traditional real estate investment options like real estate funds.

How does the project generate recurring income early on for dividend payouts?

75% of the properties we acquire are rented out immediately. This will generate quick cash flow, which will be used to fund our operational costs and pay investors early dividends.

Is the BPGT token audited and regulated? What protects my investment?

The BPGT token has successfully passed its technical audit. You can find the results here: Link

The token is registered in the state of Wyoming in the US and is regulated by the SEC. This means there is a considerable legal oversight over Blockchain Property Gate that ensures the security of investors. You can see our official SEC filing here: Link

How can I acquire the BPGT token?

You can do that via our secure investor dashboard (the link for registration is in the upper right corner of the website - Sign up.) We have created a separate page that guides you through the few steps you need to take in order to get your BPGT token: Link

Is the BPGT token going to be listed on exchanges?

Yes, the BPGT token will be listed on some of the leading exchanges after the conclusion of the main sale. We will provide information about potential listing opportunities we are planning over the course of the next months.

How is the Blockchain Property Gate project different from other projects on the blockchain real estate market?

We are the first project on the blockchain real estate market that offers rewards beyond the tokenization of real estate assets, which limits the returns only to the value appreciation of the assets and their rent income. By introducing our business model of acquisition and renovation to the equation, we generate additional income that is distributed among investors.

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